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Independent Crossover

Valmon has been addited to the official  Dictionary of MPB of Brazil


Independent Crossover

Valmon composes his very own and magic crossover style of MPB -  Musica Popular Brasileira - which is the famous Brazilian melting pot of  poetic lyrics and uncountable rythms of Rock, Samba, Bossa, Jazz, Maracuta, Xaxa, of singer songwriter and spiritual ballades.

He grew up with the beautiful music of his mother Dijvonete da Silva, a famous romantic singer in the 60ies in Rio de Janeiro who performed in a big band together with Jackson de Pandeiro. With this music already in his venes he later was influenced by artists such as Gilberto Gil, Djavan, Caetano Veloso, Zé Ramalho, Maria Bethânia, João Bosco as well as rocking artists as Cassia Eller, Zeca Baleiro, Titãs or Raul Seixas.

Valmon has early developped his unique own crossover style and compositions - a magical mystery tour through the wide musical range of Brazilian Music with a pinch of psychodelic moments and rocking acustic guitars.


In his songs Valmon describes in light, humorous and poetic lyrics the moments of daily life, of dreams and nature, of broken telephone cables and love, of butterflies and advocats in the rain ... but as well the shocking injustice and oppression of poor Brazilian society, about racism and the cruel and corrupt government and politics in Brazil - and worldwide. He clearly looks behind the curtains and points out the wounds of uncontrolled capitalism and consumism.

Beyond this - with his roots among the Amazonas Indians -  he sings in his melancholic songs for the spirits of the Amazonas tribes and the old African Gods and Godnesses of Nature who have arrived in Brazil with the black slaves 500 years ago..


In his concerts with his warm and shining charisma Valmon deeply touches the public's souls, takes them by the hand and allows them to just  fly away for some beautiful moments......



2004  'Samba Bavária' at ARD Television Germany

Acting & Music with the songs

Quebrou o meu anel de rubi


Mamãe Oxum


Quebrou o meu anel de rubi

Best new Samba

Confraria Oficial dos Compositores do Rio de Janeiro



1972 born in Rio de Janeiro


Since 1985 

Free Musician & Performing with Valmon


Acustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass and Back Vocal


Júnior Cardoso started to perform with Valmon back in the 80ies in Valmon's first Band 'Aparion' in Rio de Janeiro as a double bass player. Later he began to also play electric guitar and lately has been mainly playing acustic and half acustic guitar.

Since those days in the 80ies he accompanies Valmon on his guitar until today.

Júnior Cardoso is a very unique guitar player as he has this incredible wide range of moving from tender and sensitive soft ballads over to swinging samba, bossa and virtuos jazz lines to all in a sudden surprise with powerfull rocking riffs or infinite psychodelic journeys.

He has been several times on tour in Europe and participated on all CDs of Valmon together with musicians such as Gerson Silva, Zéze Motta, Ramiro Musotto, Borel de Souza and others in Brazil and Germany and has been member of the Villa Lobos Orchestra in Rio de Janeiro.


Júnior Cardoso's way of performing - which also includes his warm melodic background singing - is always deeply touching and enchanting, inpredictable and surprising - and most of all a magic mystery tour with emotional journeys into the wide space of music.

Divonete Silva


Valmon's beloved mother

dancer & singer in the 50ies


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