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Divonete Silva

From the Earth of the Sun


Valmon's beloved mother


Divonete Silva used to be a wonderful famous singer & dancer in Natal and Rio de Janeiro in the times of the 50ies.

Every week she sang live in the radio together with a big band and great musicians such as Jackson do Pandeiro, Claudetes Soares and others.


Due to the bad reputation of performing women in those times she was forbidden by her husband to keep on singing and dancing and even her venyl album of  such a Live Recording was destroid.


In 2016 Valmon fulfilled his dream and invited his mother to his show - so after more than 50 years she had the beautiful oportunity to sing on her beloved stage again together with her son and Zéze Motta!

In 2022 Valmon will fulfill another dream and bring his mother to Europ to perform together with her on stage in Germany - his mother is now 86 years old!


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