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Valmons sculptures are inspired by his dreams, his travels, his spiritual indigene roots and his  sharp observation of what is happening in the world and universe. He critizises the injustice of Brazilan society, the terrible corruption and political crime in the world. But he also shows the daily life of simple people - their suffers and struggles, their love and happiness.


He also sculptures famous artists, friends or people who wish to have their own 'personal' sculpture.


The incredible Superrealism of his work turns any sculpture into a living beeing that seems to have a soul, a smell, a beating heart and true emotion.


You can hear them . feel them . see them breathing....



Durépox - a Brazilian sculpturing mass - airdried


recycled materials he finds on the street


wood and stone

handsewed cloths

acrylic colour

Anker Plastic Souls
Famous Artists
Anker Brasilian Stars
Anker Anjos Spirits Orixas
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