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The aluminium industry is worldwide destroying the last paradises on earth including their wonderful habitants like birds, butterflies, frogs, bees, fishes, flowers and more. Thousands of species do not exist anymore due to the very lucrative, dirty and ignorant international industry of Aluminum.

Valmon wants to give those beeings of nature a new existence, a rebirth in dignity by recycling aluminium beercans he collects on the streets.

He cuts out the beeings by hand, paints them and installs them on old guitar strings in 3D on a phantasy background such as old computer screen or frames he finds in the garbage. So they even have a little freedom to 'fly'. He also uses typical Brazilian old cloths in the background, some of them are not existing anymore because the Chinese cloths dealer have baught the markets in the cities where you now can only get cheap chinese polyester fabrics instead of the colourful high quality cotton cloths of Brazilian tradition.

Each work of Valmon's Rebirth is unique.

Special wishes of birds, frogs, butterflies, fowers or insects in whatever measurement you can order through the artist to give them a personal rebirth in your private house.

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